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Best Licorice in the Pacific Northwest: Chateau D'Lanz Swiss Licorice

Chateau D' Lanz Black Licorice Seattle Magazine 2008 

Vogue Magazine - Food

"Ten years ago in the Seattle airport, waiting for a plane home, ransacking the various gift shops, as I often do, in search of unique local foods, I came upon a cellophane bag of black licorice buttons labeled Chateau D'Lanz. As soon as I had eaten one, undoubtedly on the way to the cash register, I realized that I had unearthed a very fine, perhaps even a great, licorice candy - strong, smooth, pure, but neither medicinal nor bitter. The list of ingredients bore out my first impression: no flour, no molasses - just gelatin, sugar, licorice root, high-fructose corn syrup, caramel color, sea salt, anise oil, and licorice liqueur. It became my favorite. I recommended it in VOGUE [in December 1990]. Twelve years later, Chateau D' Lanz Swiss Licorice is still my favorite."

Chateau D' Lanz Black Licorice Vogue Magazine 2002

Vogue Magazine - Food

"Best Licorice in the US. We licorice lovers are a neglected minority. The quality of candy store licorice plummets by the day as the proportion of molasses, flour, fillers, gums, and dyes soars and the pure flavor of licorice root vanishes. A few months ago, in the waning moments of a trip to the Northwest, as I was ransacking the gift
shop at the Seattle airport for local foods, I discovered Chateau D'Lanz Swiss Licorice. This is the real thing - flat, one-inch buttons of intense enjoyment.”

Chateau D' Lanz Black Licorice Vogue Magazine 1990