Use as an all natural antacid!

Licorice Root Antacid

Licorice root has been used for many years as a natural treatment for stomach problems including indigestion, heartburn, and ulcers. There are a number of reasons why licorice root is so successful in treating these health problems.

The primary active component of licorice root- Glycyrrhiza—helps to aid in digestion of food. Many people will eat licorice after a large meal to help their body digest the food. With licorice helping to digest food, a person’s stomach will be less likely to be upset after eating.

Second, the licorice root is very high in calcium. One serving of Chateau D’ Lanz Swiss Licorice contains approximately 10% of a person’s daily recommended intake of calcium. This high calcium content, just like a Tums or Rolaids, helps to neutralize stomach acids. For many people two Chateau D’ Lanz Swiss Licorice buttons are a very effective remedy for heartburn that arises after a meal. In addition to the components of the licorice root helping to break down your food and neutralize unwanted acids, licorice root has naturally anti-inflammatory properties. The root can help reduce cytokine production and thus increase the protection of the protective stomach mucus.

Finally, licorice root has been shown to be very helpful in treating stomach ulcers. Stomach ulcers heal more quickly when there are high levels of prostaglandins in the stomach and the upper intestine, and licorice helps in bring about these conditions. The licorice root prevents the secretion of gastric acid and reduces the activity of pepsin, which, in turn, curbs the enzymes that would ordinarily break down prostaglandins. Several products have been developed based on this natural property of the licorice root (including DGL), which have been shown to be a more effective remedy for heartburn and ulcers than traditional antacids. The reason is in the method by which they work: traditional antacids work by neutralizing stomach acids which may disrupt natural digestive processes. The natural components of licorice root, however, work by strengthening the natural protective lining of the stomach, protecting against stomach acids, and potentially even preventing future problems.